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New surfaces line #metamorphosis

Inspired by the earth and the way it transforms its natural rocks, Stonetech presents the new #metamorphosis surface line.

The new surface finishes transforming the natural stones, give a new dimension to the materials, create new textures and design proposals, which will prevail in the trends of architecture and decoration.

Stonetech, a pioneer in natural stones processing, recognizing the new trend of the industry seeking for new textures, is investing in new technological equipment, through which it implements many new treatments that transform natural stones, creating unique aesthetic proposals.
In the new surface finish series #metamorphosis we see stones with intense stripes, in a variety of depths, curves and distances, in diagonal, vertical horizontal directions, surfaces reminiscent of mesh and fabric, embossed textures with intense brushing and many other proposals, that can be used in both flooring, cladding and decorative applications for indoors and outdoors applications. These surfaces can work in combination, creating unique collages - works of art.
It is impressive to observe how the materials are transformed in color and feel, by these interventions and that the characteristics of some stones remain intact in some cases, while in others the material takes on a completely new form.
The series of new surfaces of Stonetech #Metamorphosis includes 5 basic textures which can be further modified based on the requirements of each project and the aesthetic result we seek.

See the photos of the surfaces and contact us for sampling and offers.
Samples are created upon request.






Download the presentation and contact us for an offer at +302109945011 or +30 2810380054  and email at stonetech@stonetech.gr.
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